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Best QTP Training in Chennai |Job based best QTP Training in Chennai

Best QTP Training in Chennai |Job based best QTP Training in Chennai

Best QTP Training in Chennai | Best QTP Training Institute in Chennai – Credo Systemz which provides more Practical Oriented Training rather than theoretical oriented. Credo Systemz offers both Class Room Training as well as Online Training. Trainers in Credo Systemz are actually working for various MNC’s who is having real time experience in the IT Industry. That’s why Credo Systemz is Prominent for Best QTP Training in Chennai.We are one of the leading providers of Best QTP  Training in Chennai & Best QTP Training Institute in Chennai  and we have designed the syllabus in such a way to meet all the requirements. We have framed the syllabus that facilitates the needs of beginners and advanced levels professionals… If you search for the Best QTP Training in Chennai, you will look no further.

QTP is the automation testing tool in the IT market that focus mainly on the functional regression testing. It is generally the licensed version that is majorly used by all the leading MNC’s all over the world. Previously in the QA industry, all the repetitive testing of already delivered or shipped products modules were generally tested by testers manually. After introduction of this kind of tool by the company named mercury helped the testers to focus mainly on the progression testing that will helpful to increase the quality of the product and satisfy the customers.  Here are the benefits of Automation Testing :

  • Reduce manual Effort
  • Speed up the testing process and activities
  • Reusability
  • Repeatability
  • Automation tool can also comprehensively test like manual testing
  • More reliable and consistent

Latest version QTP is referred with the name of UFT that will be expanded as Unified Functional testing. Due to the syllabus framed practical content makes the Credo Systemz as best qtp training in Chennai.

Best QTP Training in Chennai – Syllabus

Chapter 1:

  • Difference between Manual and Automation testing
  • Test Automation introduction
  • Why we need automation testing?
  • When we should not choose automation testing?
  • Advantages of automation testing
  • Disadvantages of automation testing

Chapter 2:

  • Difference between QTP and Selenium
  • Automation testing process
  • Internal and External Add –Ins
  • QTP installation using virtual machines
  • QTP license
  • QTP or UFT IDE

Chapter 3:

  • QTP  tool overview
  • Menu items
  • Keyword and Expert view
  • Datatable and its introduction
  • Active Screen
  • Debug viewer
  • Resources

Chapter 4:

  • QTP Framework and its types
  • Linear framework
  • Test library framework
  • Data driven framework
  • Keyword driven framework
  • Modular framework
  • Hybrid Framwork

Chapter 5:

  • QTP Recording modes
  • How to Record and Run test in qtp
  • Normal recording
  • Analog recording
  • Low level recording
  • Advanatges and disadvantages of recording

Chapter 6:

  • QTP Objects and its types
  • Test objects and how it stored in object repository
  • Runtime objects
  • Utility objects
  • Virtual Objects

Chapter 7:

  • What is Object Repository?
  • Types of Object repository
  • Difference between local and shared object repository
  • Add objects to the local repository
  • Comparing the repository
  • Merging the repository
  • Exporting the shared repository

Chapter 8:

  • How to use Object identification in QTP?
  • Configuring object identification
  • Working with smart identification
  • Ordinal Identifiers

Chapter 9:

  • Checkpoint and its types
  • Web application based checkpoints
  • Windows application based checkpoints
  • XML check points

Chapter 10:

  • Environment variable – internal and external
  • Parameterization and its types
  • Local datatable
  • Global datatable
  • Random variable
  • Parameterization using both keyword and Expert view

Chapter 11:

  • Action and its types
  • How to create action
  • Reusable and non reusable actions
  • Nested Actions
  • Call to existing action
  • Call to copy of action
  • Action input and output parameters

Chapter 12:

  • Synchronization
  • Why synchronization needed?
  • Types of Synchronisation
  • Advantages of synchronization

Chapter 13:

  • Debugging
  • How to debug?
  • Applying breakpoints
  • Watch variables

Chapter 14:

  • Descriptive programming
  • Static Descriptive programming
  • Dynamic Descriptive programming
  • VB Scripting basics
  • Exercises with VB Scripting
  • Regular Expressions
  • Getting value from DB using VB Script

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